Saturday, 28 September 2013

The true story of a teenage girl who doesn't like hobbies.

My mother has been telling me for months to get a hobby.... but previously my 'hobbies' have never turned out so well...

The first one I can remember is my beading phase.I was roughly around 9 years old, even then mum constantly told me I needed a hobby. I had a friend who made all these awesome jewellery things and, naturally, I wanted to join in on the fun. Mum bought me a little kit, and you know, it went fine for like a week or two. That's when i started to realise that I suck at beading.... So i left that little kit on the top shelf of my cupboard.

The next phase was around when I was 11 or 12. I chose scrapbooking, because, again, it was all the rage at the time. To cut a long story short.. I sucked at that too.

So I haven't really had a hobby since then, I have tried card making, cooking sort of and even painting. I just don't enjoy it. This is the point in time of around 14 I form an unhealthy addiction to the internet (ok, so it's probably not classified as an addiction seeing as I can scrape by without it, but I do waste an awful of time on my computer doing who knows what? Seriously I don't even know...) Ever since then I haven't really tried another hobby. 

I should probably say something about current me. Im still a teenager... I live in Australia. I ride kangaroo's to work... just kidding. hahahaaaaaa.... Um I left school early to study a diploma in beauty therapy WHICH I LOVE. I am very indecisive and clearly not very good at arts and crafts but I can play guitar and currently teaching myself piano.. As you do. 

The time has now come where I need to try a new hobby, and due to the fact of my mother nagging me all the time, I decided to think of something. Then it dawned on me - the perfect hobby for someone who lives on the internet - BLOGGING.

So yeah. This is it. I will post my thoughts on thing, fashion thingys, and even beauty because funnily enough thats my forte`.

So if anyone just happens to read this, which I highly doubt, please stay posted for much more to come!!
xx Dede

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